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Our team of highly experienced engineers, designers, architects and data scientists offers custom web and mobile development, as well as advisory services with a focus on operating as a focused technology team for our founder customers. 

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Mobile, Web & Blockchain Development

Tech Team

Startup Goto

A new model for launching startups.

A new model for solving development hiring.

A London, UK based development company.

How We Work

Limbic Labs works with Blockchain innovators/ Commercially focused teams / Founders / Startups / Value seeking entrepreneurs/ Focused, rapidly executing innovators to accelerate product development and launch for new products.

We support existing scaling teams seeking to save costs on traditional hiring, and access a wider pool of expertise, from across our international pool of engineers.

Limbic Labs takes the lead on technology strategy, assists in formulating product vision, and operates as an entire outsourced tech team, simplifying the process of getting a product to market and developing an existing product vision.

What Our Clients Say

Natalie Torin is the CEO & Founder of Bevvie. We helped her bring the vision of her app to life with complete start to end mobile app development. This included market research, strategy formulation, UX/UI design, development, testing and QA.

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Within our team sits a set of experienced blockchain developers with hand on experience of launching nodes, writing smart contracts and creating hybrid on-chain, off-chain solutions. 

Our experience further extends to building both centralised and decentralized blockchain solutions including DAOs and blockchains.

Smart Contract Development & Audit – End To End dApp development – Wallet Development – Cryptocurrency Exchange Development -Blockchain Advisory & Consulting

Blockchain Development

We operate as an outsourced tech team for new and innovative projects, providing support as a fully fledged tech team with a highly flexible commercial structure.

We even provide a stand-in CTO to help projects get off the ground.

Web Application Development – Mobile Application Development – Managed Teams – Consultancy – Strategy Formulation – Testing & QA – Target Market Research – UX/UI Design

Startup Goto Market & Outsourced Tech Team

Solving One Of Innovation’s Biggest Challenges

Hiring Developers is hard. There are 5 open jobs for every software developer looking for one. Limbic Labs helps the world’s most ambitious founders flexibly start and scale their engineering teams.


Limbic Labs builds high-performing, distributed software development teams with the world’s most talented engineers. We believe the future of software development is open, inclusive, and everywhere. Do you?

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