Limbic Labs

Limbic Labs:
Venture Studio

Building products that make life easier and more sustainable for both the underprivileged and future generations.

We like solving meaningful problems for:

The World’s
Under Privileged

We build solutions that help make life easier for the world's underprivileged

Ensuring Web3

Consistently innovating and designing long-term solutions to ensure the sustainability of Web3

Businesses Trying
to Grow

Solving growth problems for different types of businesses trying to scale rapidly

What we’re building

Cent: Blockchain
Validator Automation

Cent makes it easy to own and remotely manage productive real-world (physical and virtual) assets, as an alternative to DeFi products correlated with the price of Bitcoin.

Elbow: Highest Yields in DeFi

Elbow provides access to an index of the highest yields in DeFi space with downside and upside protection.

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